The Ultimate digital guidebook on Rider's Posture, Seat, and Influence

- Nienke de Wolff (NED)

Nienke coaches TeamNL Riders, international jumping & dressageriders and created this digital guidebook for rider!

Discover everything you need to know about improving your posture, seat, and overall influence as a rider with this comprehensive e-book. Perfect for riders and instructors alike!


This e-book is compiled by Nienke de Wolff, an ORUN-5 coach and expert in posture and seat, who trains international dressage, showjumping riders and Team NL Riders among others. The e-book provides a comprehensive overview of how to achieve and maintain a good posture and seat, which is essential for a harmonious collaboration between rider and horse.

This e-book is perfect for both riders and instructors who want to enhance their understanding and application of correct posture and seat in horse riding.

Whether you are a beginner looking to improve your foundational skills or an experienced rider aiming to refine your technique, this guide offers valuable insights and practical advice. It is also beneficial for instructors who wish to better train their students in achieving a balanced and effective riding position.

Explore how to improve your posture, seat, and overall influence to achieve better harmony and communication with your horse.

'De Hoefslag' reviews this book as a valuable resource for both riders and instructors.

The e-book from De Wolff Academy, titled “Posture, Seat, & Rider Influence,” is a comprehensive guide focused on improving rider posture and seat. De Hoefslag reviews this book as a valuable resource for both riders and instructors.

In the e-book, Nienke de Wolff, an ORUN-5 coach and expert in posture and seat, shares her extensive knowledge and experience. The book discusses the impact of correct posture and seat on riding and provides practical tips and exercises to enhance them.

De Hoefslag praises the e-book for its detailed explanations and practical approach, making it suitable for riders of all levels, from beginners to Grand-Prix riders. The insights into common mistakes and their solutions are particularly appreciated, as well as the attention to the rider’s influence on the horse.

Riders and instructors looking to improve their skills will greatly benefit from this book. It offers a complete overview of basic principles and advanced techniques, making it an indispensable addition for anyone serious about horse riding.

Nienke de Wolff is a highly respected ORUN-5 coach(HP coach) and expert in rider posture and seat.

 With a strong background in both dressage and vaulting, Nienke has dedicated over a decade to specializing in the biomechanics of rider and horse interaction. She has trained numerous top-level riders, including international dressage and showjumping athletes, as well Team NL Riders.

Nienke’s journey began in the vaulting sport, where she coached many riders and lungers to top-level performances. Her passion for dressage led her to establish her own training stable in Wapse, Netherlands. Over the years, she has focused on improving the posture and seat of riders, emphasizing the importance of correct biomechanics for effective communication and harmony with the horse.

Nienke’s expertise is reflected in her work with riders of all levels, from beginners to Grand Prix competitors. She believes that good riding starts with proper posture and the ability to give clear aids, which in turn enhances the overall performance and well-being of the horse. Her comprehensive approach includes online modules, e-books, and personal coaching sessions, making her knowledge accessible to a wider audience.

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